How Spotify came to be worth billions

The current generation loves their earphones carried everywhere they go, everywhere we go there are ample of people listening to their favorite tunes. The common app preferred these days is Spotify. Spotify is common among music lovers as it gives access to millions of songs and podcasts of your choice for free. One can groove into the music of their choice anywhere desired. The app is a free download, supported in both Android and IOS. Choice of preferred music and podcasts from across the globe, the discovery of new playlist and the creation of one can easily be done on the app. You can also share the playlist and many more. Spotify makes download easier.

Spotify was developed by a team of Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2006 and it has been better since then, the new updates and additional features have made the app better than no other. You can groove on your favorite playlist with Spotify. The new update gives you access to personalize your experience with the kind of music and podcasts you love.

Spotify is a common user application in every phone these days, in a recent report issued it showed millions of users using the app; the app is made better with every update. Here are some of the updates for the Spotify users.

  • The company has made the screen friendlier for users by updating the feel and look of the app on mobiles and tablets, the idea behind which is personalized and easier listening experience. The content on the homepage now changes throughout the day, whichever time you open the app it just changes accordingly, be it Good Morning, Good Evening or Good Night and you get the right music as per your mood.
  • The app now has familiar favorite artists on top of the home screen for better access, six recommendations on the playlist, albums and podcasts are available on the top you would want to listen during day time. Below the six recommendations, you will find content which shows “Made for you” where your taste of music just gets created together and form a playlist you would love to, there are several other recommendations and discovery content available.
  • Spotify is getting ways to make your experience better in your favorite music app, you need to go no further looking for your playlist, Spotify creates it for you. The update made by the app is a long line thing; the company is also looking for means to improve voice activation and also trying to find ways to help you find new tunes that will be based on your friend’s choice.
  • The design update is rolling out to users, you can feature on it soon as long as you have the least 30days history, and we expect you to see the update soon.

Spotify is described to be the best relaxing way, it makes your listening experience better, with people loving Spotify and its features gets better with every update. This digital music service gives you the chance to fall for the kind of music you love and not get distracted. The current update of Spotify has several updates introduced you would love to try, love the journey with Spotify music playlist even more. Spotify is preferred the most as it has music for every occasion one can celebrate each moment with music, rejoice days with music.

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