How Mind Influences Body

Yesterday, I went to visit a relative in New Jersey.

He used to be a very handsome, 6 foot 2 inches tall person. He was a civil engineer who worked for large corporations in his young age and established a good real estate business.

Now, he is 79 and is suffering from Cancer for last 6 years. His wife manages their business and they have a full day nurse to help him.

In the last one year, he has become physically very weak.

When I went to his house, he came walking very slowly and bent from his room. He needed help of a nursing aid to bring him to the living room. I said hello but he gave me a blank look as he no longer could recognize me. I tried a couple of times but he could not place me and he decided to move back to his room. We helped him get up and then with the help of his aid, he slowly moved back to his room.

I was still sitting in the living room speaking to his wife and daughter.

Around 10 minute later, suddenly, he walked straight to our room, less bent and with no help. He seemed very happy. He could recognize me now and gave me a big smile. He was able to sit on the sofa on his own.

It appears he was thinking of who I was and was able to place me in those 10 minutes. Good memories and pleasant feelings and the desire to communicate with a known person helped him overcome his weakness and he could walk with no help !

It was obvious how mind can change the body’s condition so fast !


Sanjeev Sharma is a NY based consultant and author of award winning book ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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