How Chico got lost and reports himself missing at Texas PS!

Dogs are famous for their remembering capabilities. Though they do not have a proper sense of remembrance, their ability to smell even a small portion of scent keeps them ahead on the list of remembrance capability. They do not remember distinguished or periodic episodes. But they know their owner, they know where they live. They may get lost sometimes, they may forget the roads sometimes; but sooner or later they will return for sure. This theory was proved when Chico got lost and finally reached home on his own! But the story between his getting lost to finding a home is hilarious!

So one fine morning, this woofer named Chico visited Texas police station. He got lost somehow. Maybe he was on a stroll with his man and somehow or the other he got lost somewhere. Like humans, he had a sense that under such circumstances, only police can properly help him. So without further ado he reached the police station. Now this is something new. Not everyday a doggy reaches the police station for help! This certainly points out towards his presence of mind and his ability to reach the right place at the right time. He looked calm when he reached the station.

He directly reaches the front desk and kept both of his hands on the desk as if he was reporting his missing case. The police officers, the officer in charge and others present at the station at that point were very happy seeing this beautiful and calm doggo. They start playing with him. They threw a ball and asked Chico to fetch it for them. They actually wanted to keep the doggy calm for some moment. The morose atmosphere of the station converted into a happy and gay place immediately. All the officers started clicking pictures with the dog.

But unfortunately they couldn’t locate his owner. Chico’s nameplate got missing somewhere and it was absolutely impossible for them to locate the owner of the dog. They tried a lot, but couldn’t come up with a name. So they decided to call the Animal Control. The people from animal control were about to reach the station when suddenly they found that Chico had crept out of the station unnoticed. SGT Martin thought that Chico was able to remember his house somehow and he went for it. That’s what happened with Chico in real life. He could remember his owner and the trail of his house and he went for it.

The very next day, a man called the Texas Police station confirming that Chico is his doggy and he somehow got lost. But last night he reached home safe. The house of the owner and Chico was around a mile from the station. This is absolutely wonderful to realise the presence of mind of the dog. He knew that these people could take him home and hence he only visited the Texas Police Station for help. Several people think that Chico deserves a place in the police force as a police dog.

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