Hi-End Toto Toilets For Hygienic Experience And Healthy Life

Health is an integral part of our lives. We would know the importance of health only if we fall ill. Like we can never enjoy the highs of life if we are not acquainted with the darker, murkier side of life. Similarly, good health can only be enjoyed, if you are in a good shape. But, with rapid urban growth, our mindsets have also changed.

Now we are proactively taking care of our health by incorporating right kind of food in our diet, exercising, proper hydration, timely sleep and managing our stress levels through meditation. But is it enough to give us our healthy life?? Naaahhh…Shocked!! Zapped!!  Now you would be pondering, why, where did I go wrong? I mean having incorporated the above-said regimen in our daily lifestyle what more we can ask for. Correct !! But, then you are forgetting the most important factor that can be a reason for the mankind to deadliest of ailments, still not able to guess, it’s the GERMS…BACTERIA. WOOhhhh!!!

As per the recent survey, around 70% of the entire population falls sick due to improper hygiene. Now, you might be feeling you keep your house clean, mop two times a day, use best quality disinfectants, then how can bacteria even can thrive in your house? Wrong, there is one more place where bacteria thrives easily and it’s your BATHROOM.. 🙂 Eyes popping out!! And especially, the toilets, they are the place where bacteria can thrive easily. Bacteria need humid conditions to thrive upon, and what better than your toilets. People of any age group, of any income bracket, of any stature, anybody, can fall prey to infections because everybody is exposed to life-threatening bacteria thriving in the toilets.

Toto Toilets are hi-tech toilets designed keeping in mind, technology, and hygiene. The toilet seats would open and close once you are in the vicinity of the toilet. It takes care of seat temperature, positions the water thrust as per your position, activated charcoal for air purifying to ward off that obnoxious smell. It comes with a glaze coating which would minimize the materials sticking to the bowl. The unique flushing technique uses tornado flush, thus cleaning the bowl in just 1 gallon of water, also after the bowl is clean, it sprays disinfectant to keep it germ-free, hence giving you the germ-free toilet experience.

Say hello to germ-free toilets, switch to Toto Toilets. To Toto, you should Goto!!!

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