Heatworks Duo Carafe

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds to such an extent that it has become an integral part of our lives. Technology encompasses every aspect of our lives. Technology is evident in every stage of our lives.

Duo Carafe is a product of Heatworks designed in such a way that it will heat water for coffee or tea as soon as you pour water into the kettle. The other chamber which is blue in color is for filtered cool water.

It heats the water instantly using the technology called “Ohmic Array”. It heats water in a simplest, purest and efficient way. Over the decades, we have used electricity and metal heating elements for heating water. This causes limescale and rust to form on the surface of the heating element. Also, the tank containing the heater would be filled with sediment. This technology uses, graphite electrodes and electric controls which increases the energy state of water molecules, so that they start moving faster. More is the movement of water molecules more would be the kinetic energy. More kinetic energy would be converted into heat.

How this technology is good for us?

  1. Well not to mention that as there are no heating elements, so no tension of it getting rusted or limescale deposition which eventually would force the element to stop working.
  2. Water heats instantly
  3. Water is much purer
  4. 99% Energy efficient
  5. Heats to the precise temperature
  6. Turns Off and On Immediately
  7. Saves money
  8. Can be controlled from anywhere with Heatworks App

If you want to change the way the water heats, switch to Duo Café. A faster, better and efficient way to heat water for your soups, tea, coffee, etc. BUY NOW!!

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