Smart Heated Insoles by Mimeng : Keep Your Feet Warm all Time

If you ask, winter is one of my favorite seasons. It is that part of the year when I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. (Many people wouldn’t be voicing the same opinion, but honestly, it is my personal choice, so I don’t worry about that).

It is the morning sunshine which glides past the windows giving a touch of warmth. The morning dew drops on the leaf blades resemble exotic pearls, it is so mesmerizing. Also, we get a variety of fruits and vegetables to gorge upon. And the list goes on, but these are a few pointers why I like winter so much.

But definitely, clothing is also a major issue when we go out somewhere because we try to pile ourselves with a load of them to keep ourselves warm. But if you ask, to look good in winters is also an art. If we dress smartly we keep ourselves warm and also look elegant and stylish.

All said and done 😉 this article is all about how to keep your feet warm and through this article, I would apprise you all about a unique and intelligent product that would keep your feet warm depending on the outside temperature. How cool is that!!!

MiMeng Heated Insoles, a Bluetooth controlled insoles that charge wirelessly. It goes with any kind of shoes and can be fitted to any shoe size. It has two heat controls – Manual and Intelligent.

Manual Heat Control

The Manual mode enables you to set the temperature for your feet using their app.

Intelligent Heat Control

Automatic heat control works on artificial intelligence where the temperature of the feet controls the temperature of the insole. It is done through its smart sensors, which regulate the temperature depending on the temperature of the feet.

It is made of an advanced heating film that you can charge using a lithium battery. It also recognizes your movement, whether you are static or on the go, thus helping you to conserve on energy if not moving and stationed at one place for long hours.

Charging is also very easy; simply place it on the charging pad which also comes with the insoles. It takes 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. Don’t try to wash it ever or otherwise, you can damage the electronic components inside it.

Just slip it, wear it and forget it….your feet will stay warm with MiMeng Smart Heated Insoles.

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