Heated Butter Knife to deal with frozen Butter

Every morning are you getting broken toast for breakfast while struggling to spread your ice cold butter? I mean I do. So many times I forget to take out the slab of butter from the fridge and so the butter stands tall and hard, making the knife just impossible to penetrate through it and even if you do still you won’t be able to spread it on to your toast.

Trivial things make lives frustrating at times. So, the end result is always that broken pieces of toast. But dear friends, worry no more, as this product caters to the needs of bread lovers or should I say toast loving people, who would like to have their toast in one piece. It is designed for spreading butter, Cheese, Honey, etc. Made of very durable and hard ABS Plastic and food grade zinc alloy it is very simple to use. It heats up very quickly and very easy to clean also.

What more could we have asked for, get this Heated Butter Knife for that one piece toast you always missed J

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