Have a Comfortable Sleep with Murphy Bed

Commonly known as wallbed, Murphy bed was named after William Murphy. The main idea behind designing the bed was space limitation. You can adjust the bed according to your comfort and the space in the room. Murphy bed is perfect going when you are running short of space. The mattress is attached with the bed frame and there is a lock at each corner.

Murphy bed is featured with unique characteristic such has it doesn’t have headboard, bed rails and footboards. Though the bed is not commonly used in recent time, the apartment with limited space flaunts Murphy bed. In the 20th century, the bed was refurbished to add modular cabinetry with glass, lighting, mirror and some other storage unit. The enlisted below are some more advantages of Murphy bed.

Advantages of Murphy Bed

  1. Space

The foremost advantage of Wall bed is that can easily fold down when they are not in use. While during the day time, you can use space for other purpose and night again convert it into the bedroom.

  • Economic

Another advantage offered by Murphy beds is that they are pocket friendly and economic. The bed can be used at night, without compromising you can use the free space as your comfort in the day time. These are available at a very cheap and affordable price as compare to regular ones.

  • Safe Ease of Use

In the 20th century, these beds are revamped and new featured are added to make it more safe and easy to use. The feature includes such as safety locks, which hold the bed at a place on floor and wall. Pistons or springs offer easy lifting so that you can safely lift the bed when you are alone at home.

  • Comfortable Sleep

Improved design of wall beds allows the usage of a wide range of mattresses, from memory to innerspring foam. Mattress sizes vary twin to king size. Murphy bed mattresses are comfortable and thinner than traditional spring box bed. There is a wide range of option which offers good night’s sleep.

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