Drip Sculptural Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping home clean to live a quality and disease-free life is a necessity in today’s world. The routinely available vacuum cleaners are generally not so handy and can’t be kept on display. We usually keep them in the closet once we are done with the cleaning to keep it out of the view. Drip Sculptural Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, designed by Christoph Andrejcic is a unique handle-less, small size vacuum cleaner designed to change your way of looking at the cleaning and cleaning equipment. Drip has a sculptural design which adds sophistication, making it an awesome piece of art rather than look like any other electronic equipment. The device looks so elegant and adds great aesthetic pleasure to your home decor. You can enjoy your cleaning chores with a great sense of style and elegance. It looks so nice that you don’t have to worry keeping it in a closet and can leave wherever you like after completing your chores. The Drip is accompanied by a pedestal on which it can be easily mounted and charged quickly. It also saves lot of valuable storage space. The absence of handle makes Drip looks unique than the standard vacuum cleaners and also gives it a clean, sleek look.

So if you wish your home to be spick and span and at the same time you are fed up of handling your vacuum cleaner, consider Drip..to get a grip!

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