Hail Protector – Lanmodo, to protect yourself from Nature’s Fury

Solid precipitation which we term as “Hail” has engulfed most part of US in recent times. These irregular lumps of ice pellets have caused considerable damage to the property, in recent times. And the most battered entity that we can talk about is “CAR”. Do you agree?? I bet you do. (I am trying to sound melodramatic)

We invest a huge amount of our savings, in possessing our dream car just be being ruined by Mother Nature’s one form of fury – HAIL STORM. No WAY!!  Hail can severely damage the car and the worst part is, it is not covered under any insurance scheme. SHOCKED!! We have special insurance for hail but then the insurance amount is higher compared to other amounts. Just Imagine!! But why to put our car in that situation in the first place.

Love your car, get Lanmodo Hail Protector Today. This multi-functional, revolutionary design has been created keeping not only hailstorm in mind but also scorching sun and heavy snowfall. You need to protect your car against harmful weather conditions. And this is not only a car cover but it doubles up like a tent in a jiffy. With just the press of a button, it transforms into a tent which can easily accommodate up to 7 people. It also comes with a USB port to charge your appliances and LED light to give an extra edge to your outdoor fun activity. It can also transform into a beach umbrella, without having to struggle with setting it up. Just set it ups….Press the button and it transforms into a beach umbrella. How cool is that!! When multi-functionality is your MOTO, switch to Lanmodo. I am loving this product, hope it is the same from you. Get your Lanmodo, TODAY!!

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