Grow Edible Greens Fast & Effortlessly by Botanium

If you love gardening?

If you would love to eat freshly grown produce?

If you long to see some greenery indoors?

If you nodded your head vehemently “Yes, Yes and a YES” just to feel disappointed next that it is not an easy process to grow a plant as it is to kill and eat. You would feel what the heck, not my cup of tea. But in this article, I would apprise you of this product that makes growing a plant as simple as eating 😊

Botanium is a compact, easy and effortless way of growing your plant. It has helped us by making gardening easier and fun. It is a hydroponic plant that means you can grow your plant without any soil. It waters the plant automatically thus giving you faster results in terms of fun and growth. You can grow chilies, mint, tomatoes, coriander, etc., No need to forget anything, Botanium will do everything for you.

How does it work?

  1. Pour water into the pot up to the water level mentioned
  2. Add the nutrients
  3. Fill up with granules
  4. Put the seed of your choice
  5. Connect it to the socket
  6. Relax and see your plant grow

It is a very easy way to grow your plant.

Advantages of having Botanium:-

1) No need to water every time.

2) As no soil, so no soil borne bugs.

3) Plants grow quickly

4) The built-in water tank that would water automatically, so no need to worry about watering once you are traveling

5) Sterile growing medium

Available in three Colors, this product is surely a hit for those who care for GREENS 😊

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