Graco Sense2Soothe Swing with Cry Detection Technology

Being a Mom is always HARD…..especially those first 5 months when the baby always needs the undivided attention that you sometimes can’t even attend to the most basic activities. It becomes physically very challenging to be by your baby’s side all the time.

This swing has been designed keeping in mind the pain points that Moms generally go through….kudos to its revolutionary new technology that would sense when your baby starts crying and would soothe your baby by changing the motions of the cradle. The built in microphone captures the baby crying and produces white noise, nature sound or music which soothes the baby.

It has 8 soothing motions, 3 different speeds, 2 vibration settings and 15 songs and sounds. Also, the seat doubles up as a portable rocker, which will enable you to use throughout your home.


  1. Product Weight – 21.94 lbs
  2. Product Dimensions(L X W XH)- 28.35 X 18.90 X 32.28 inches
  3. Gender – Unisex Product
  4. Color – Sailor
  5. Model – 2060526

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