GoolRC T47 – Smart Drone

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which have over the years gained a lot of importance due to their reach without having to put individual lives at risk. Now-a- days, they are mostly used in military purposes, to reach out to the unchartered terrain without having to put life at risk. The highest ever the drone can fly is 11,000 feet which is supposedly illegal but we can fly up to 400-500 feet depending on the location. In earlier days, drone was a synonym for wars or terrorist ambush but now it has been more creatively used. With the popularity of drones increasing over the years so has the usage.
Now, drones are used in covering live events, for capturing pictures, transportation of goods, surveillance purpose, keeping a track of the wild life from close quarters. One of such drones I would be writing about is the GoolRC T 47. It is a cheap, affordable and foldable drone that can be taken anywhere without having to think about the transportation. It comes with 720P camera with Wi-fi control which would help you to capture remarkable selfies anytime, effortlessly. It also records and transmits it in the range of 30m.
The beauty mode feature on this helps to edit and modify pictures, thus you would be able to capture pictures beautifully every time. The arms get folded, so this foldability feature would enable it to be carried to different places, effortlessly. Battery life is pretty good. The motor is powerful and is sturdy. The entire drone weighs around 85 grams. The controller is of same color as the drone.
The controller is very easy to manoeuvre. It comes with 4 buttons and a joystick. The G-sensor remote enables you to control the drone by simply tilting it forward, backward and sideways. Only one hand is needed for controlling your drone. It has a barometer integrated with it, so it can hover around the same altitude, thus giving you steady aerial image. It comes with a charger and this drone is very sturdy. It comes with a case which is embossed with the company name. It has a sleek design and is very affordable.

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