Google Pixel 4a Price Leaked – A New, Competitive and Budget Smartphone

Many smartphones are available in the market and usually different smartphones that fit in various price segments of the market. The cheap smartphone segment of the market is currently ruled by the iPhone SE but there is likely severe competition expected for the iPhone from the new Google Pixel 4a. Google Pixel 4a is expected to be a top choice in the cheap smartphones section of the market. The following are details about the price points at which this smartphone will be available in the market and the details about the specifications of the smartphone:

Price of the Google Pixel 4a

Google surveyed about the price of a smartphone like the Google Pixel 4a. They asked the customers about a price point tipping their hand about the price at which the Google Pixel 4a will be available. The potential price tag of the U.S $ 350 was announced by Google on Twitter and also on the Alphabet Scoop podcast. This makes it a budget smartphone and extremely competitive in the cheap smartphone segment of the market. This is a lower than expected price point and there is likely to be at least U.S $50 less than the iPhone SE with double the internal storage as compared to the iPhone at a similar price point.

Specifications of the Google Pixel 4a Smartphone

In comparison to the iPhone in this category the 5.8 inches OLED display in the Google Pixel phone is larger and the 3080 mAh battery is also more powerful in comparison to iPhone SE. The battery lasts around 12 hours while conducting a web surfing test which is also much longer than the iPhone SE. The offer of 128 GB internal storage at the U.S $ 350 with this smartphone is a very attractive proposition to customers looking for a new budget smartphone. The processor and chipset of the iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4a are very competitive with each other, the iPhone having a slight edge in this department. Google Pixel 4a is an Android smartphone and iPhone SE is an Apple iOS smartphone making them two completely different devices.

At the end of the day, there are many specifications and features which make the Google Pixel 4a a very competitive choice in the budget smartphone technology. The leaked price point of the Google Pixel 4a is much more affordable in comparison to other smartphones with similar features in this category. Google Pixel is a highly reputable brand in the Android smartphone industry.

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