Our lives today are dependent on mobile apps for food, banking, making payments, traveling and various other important services. We have come to a stage very probably it is impossible for us to survive without these apps. Also, there is a mad competition from various app owners pleading us to download their apps into our phones which is next to impossible as our phones cannot accommodate so many J

Some apps are specific to iPhones and Android phones. Today, we will try to learn which is the best app between Google and Citymapper?

Google Maps and Citymapper are free apps with their own unique features designed to help us when we have the need. Google maps are the most used map in the world today and Citymapper has its services in 29 international cities. Both are resourceful.

Google version is the most superior one among me-too competitors. Its reach is phenomenal and all mobile users are familiar with its operation. It does not have too many limitations like other apps.

Whereas, Citymapper is different if compared with Google. It has options like ‘Get Me Somewhere,’ ‘Get Me Home,’ ‘Get Me To Work,’ ‘Saved Places’ and ‘Recent Journeys,’ and ‘Meet Me Somewhere.’ Many feel that city mapper is comprehensive but let us its limitations now. Many have opined that it is best in London than in other locations.

It is a great option for London than other navigation apps as it is mainly built to navigate the Tube, whereas Google Maps and Apple’s Maps are yet to go beyond driving and walking. Public transport is still not fully explored by Apple and Google while Citymapper is fabulous at recommending routes for Underground, walking, bus, and train – which are a boon in London.

Citymapper is really great at being responsive to any disruptions occurring in various routes.

On the other hand, Google Maps is the option you would like to go with as your phone can become your navigator with this app. Google’s reach is global while city mapper is only for cities.

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