Go.C wearable hand sanitizer: keeps hands hygienic on the go

In the wake of Covid-19, carrying a hand sanitizer bottle has become significantly important. A Californian company, Wellness innovation labs have manufactured a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser. This sanitizer clips onto the belt and ensures clean hands are conveniently within reach. It not only clips onto the belt but also on bags and pockets using a built-in fastening system. The device sprays an ideal amount of hand sanitizer onto the palm once you push the button. You can definitely use this hand sanitizer as it is mess-free, fuss-free, and no risk of contamination.

The Go.C hand sanitizer is easy to use whenever you are in need. It is made up of recycled plastics, making it the best eco-friendly product. Recyclable plastics are better than using disposable plastic bottles as it pollutes the environment, and these plastics are resistant to alcohol. The button and tube are made up of hypoallergenic silicone. The device is made with two colors offering you to buy the one which suits you.

The dimension of the device is 3.74 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches (95 x 50 x 30 mm). The dimensions are precisely made to fit onto the belts, pockets, or bags. The front layout of the device consists of a button and a spray hole, and the back layout consists of a refill cap and a fastening system. This product is not painted and does not come with filled hand sanitizers. The device has a holding capacity of 33 ml (1.12oz), and it comes in the range of carry-on limits. You can refill the device with whatever hand sanitizer you prefer using the refill cap provided at the back.

The Go.C wearable hand sanitizer is a limited edition hand sanitizer (1000 pieces only) and costs about 19 USD. This device can be bought from anywhere in the world. The manufacturer offers four packages:

  • Single pack: 19 USD (1 piece)
  • Friendly pack: 49 USD (3 pieces) (save 15%)
  • Family pack: 75 USD (5 pieces) (save 21%)
  • XXL pack: 299 USD (30 pieces) (save 48%)

Product Page: Go.C Sanitizer 

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