Gillette Heated Razor

Father’s Day is a day to cherish and enjoy with your best buddy, your DAD!!

This Father’s Day gifts him something unique, eye catchy and something that will make his eyes sparkle. Let this week be an amalgamation of articles with unique and intriguing gifts that will not only help you to get a quick idea in the selection of gifts for your dad but also will give an extra edge over the previous year Father’s Day.

Gillette has come up with this “Heated Razor” which will give that barbershop like magic again and again. Experience the magic of hot towel shave with every stroke…. A soothing warmth that would relax your dad and make your dad’s shaving experience a relaxing and comforting one.

This is fully waterproof and you can use it in the sink or in shower. You can adjust the temperature of the blades. It is consistent and heating occurs in a few seconds. The charging is wireless and it comes with rechargeable Li-Ion Battery.

It comes with Flex Disc Technology and which maintains skin contact and maximizes heat delivery.

How it Works:-

  1. One Touch to activate the heat mechanism and it gets heated in a few seconds
  2. You can adjust the heat as per your requirement
  3. You can rinse it after use, it is fully water proof
  4. Keep it for recharging, 6 shaves before the next recharge

Set the tone of your Dad this father’s day….a perfect gift for SOMEONE SPECIAL!! YOUR DAD!!

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