Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents play an important role in the life of grandkids. They are their support system and also their guide. They hold a special position in their lives. This Christmas make them feel loved and make them feel special by gifting them with something unique, something innovative that would make them feel special and loved.

Unique gifts that you can gift :-

1. Smart Fishing Rod Sensor

If your grandpa loves fishing then this gift is just a perfect gift for him. Make your rod smarter. Easy to set up, lightweight and has long battery life. It is waterproof. You can now capture all data from the fishing adventure and it will eventually help you to locate fish and increase the catches.

2.Smart Glasses

This is the best gift you can buy for your grandparents. Mostly all grandparents would be having glasses, but you can put a little technology into their glasses and make it smarter. With Vue Smart glasses you can track your activity, listen to music and take calls without having to worry about holding and talking. With this stylish pair of glasses, you can not only read but you would be smartly managing a lot more.

3.Smart Hearing Aid

If your grandparents have trouble listening then this gift is perfect for them. Widest EVOKE is the world’s first smart hearing aid. It has a built-in fluid sound controller that adjusts the sound as per the environment. If you are in a noisy place then it will filter out the noise and help you concentrate on the speech, or if you are in a quiet place then it would capture subtle sounds.

4.Smart Watch

Fitbit Versa 2 is a fitness tracker with a built-in Alexa. It will give you quick information on weather, temperature, news. It will set timers and alarms. It will control your smart home devices. It will monitor your sleep and give you sleep scores. 6 plus day battery life.

5.Smart Walking Stick

It is a smart walking stick with a security alarm. It is sturdy and it won’t break easily. It comes with LED light which would illuminate your pathway at night. So you don’t have to worry about walking in dark. Foldable design, so it is easy to store and carry. Adjustable height.

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