Genesis launches its luxury sedan G80

Hyundai announces it launch of new Genesis G80 luxury sedan online. Amid the pandemic situation, Hyundai has is said to have taken this decision keeping in mind the protocols of safety consciousness. Let’s dig in deeper to see what the new Genesis G80 has to offer!

 Well to start with, I would say that the subtle details of the car right from its gentle curves to minute attention to further details has made me flattered to this sedan! The exterior look of the car is very promising. The rich colour, the royal and ethnic style it is built around is, what distinguishes it from other SUVs. Blended with two major factors of premium comfort and innovative technology, Genesis G80 stands tall amidst all other sedans.


Genesis G80 is quite fast on road, thanks to its suspension and alloy wheels to decrease the spring weight and therefore have less inertia. The new G80 comes with a core performance in terms of engine capacity, transmission and other features. Although Genesis has not said or revealed much about G80’s new and additional features, some of the features it had described had made my jaw drop.

G80’s power packed engine has a standard turbo-charged measurement of 2.5 litres which if translated is 300 Horsepower. If speed is your game, then G80 has something in store for you as well. You can select twin turbo 3.5 litre engine, which is 375 Horsepower.

I am done with discussing some of its exterior features. The interior had me spell bounded with its elegant interior, exquisite dashboard and the ultra-soft touch feel the leather offers. Some of the extra ordinary features are heated and ventilated front and rear seats, 3d digital gauge cluster, ambient lighting and head-up display.

 A 14-inch touchscreen on the dashboard is the source of infotainment. G80 gives its customers the liberty to control, set and manipulate the display on the dashboard. G80’s powerful audio system sets the perfect ambience and mood you depending on your drive you take. It’s automated emergency brake controls, blind-spot parking and the ability to maneuver the car without using the controls is worth mentioning of.

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