G-Bike a Foldable Carry-On E-Bike


G-Bike will feature a sturdy, secure frame with three folding points at the back wheel, mid body, and base of the handlebar stem. That allows the bike to neatly collapse down to its carrier form, which can be pulled behind you like a luggage carry-on. This foldable e-bike is portable, compact. Featuring a powerful electric motor, you can take the G-Bike up hills without even breaking a sweat. Additionally, its efficient gears and rings help you get to your destination quickly and easily. It can reach 25 miles per hour with pedal assist and 15.5 miles per hour without pedaling. You can also customize your ride with six different speed options. Likewise, the LCD dashboard features a speedometer, battery indicator, voltmeter and a built-in USB charging port. With up to 55 miles on a single charge, you can keep riding for as long as you want. Don’t worry about locking it once you arrive, just fold it up and bring it with you. Finally, the G-Bike only takes four to five hours to recharge completely. First E-Bike truly crafted for convenience. Unique carry-on & compact fold for ultimate portability. Battery will retain approximately 80% of its full capacity after 1000 cycles of charging/discharging. The eBike can be easily stored in your car trunk for supplementary use as a last mile bike or even brought with you when you’re heading out of town. G-Bike Pro is with all the bells and whistles like puncture-proof tire, Italian gel saddle, 3 large LCD dashboard and more. G-Bike Pro will retail for $1,999.


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