Fromaggio: The World’s First Smart Home Cheese Maker

Cheese is a good source of calcium and proteins. Many health benefits are related to the consumption of cheese. There are thousands of types of cheese. Homemade cheese tastes good and flavorsome. But, is it that easy to process cheese. I feel, it is time-consuming and requires proper arsenal and precision.

With the help of automatic cheese maker the time taking process of making cheese will just tide away. Fully automatic, Fromaggio, helps you to dish out your favorite cheese naturally and in the most affordable way.

How it works:-

  1. Pour milk, culture and rennet
  2. Choose your default cheese or customize your cheese using your own by using mobile app.
  3. Sit back and relax, Fromaggio will perform the rest for you.


  1. Made of fine quality stainless steel, making it durable, robust and rust proof
  2. Detachable cheese press which makes it easier to clean
  3. Accompanied by various size curd cutters
  4. Removable drainer
  5. Sleek and Compact Design
  6. Pre Set cleaning mode, cleaning can never be easier
  7. Mobile App to create your own cheese
  8. LCD touch screen display

Use Framiggo, to make any type of soft and hard cheese (cream cheese, chevre, ricotta, cottage, mozzarella, parmesan, camembert, comté, cheddar, bleu, colby, provolone, keffir, kosher, lactose-free, or even vegan cheese) and yogurt too!!

It takes as little as 30 minutes for soft cheese and 45 minutes for hard cheese. It is fully automatic, convenient and efficient. Making cheese at home has never been so simple and effortless. This is dishwasher safe and very easy to maintain and reuse. If you are a cheese lover and spend a long time browsing a cheese counter at the supermarket then this device is an ideal gift to yourself….What are you thinking about…ORDER ONE NOW!!

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