Forest Treasure, Wild Seed Box enjoy the fruits of your labor

We love nature. We love the wild. We love gardening. We love good stuff. And if we combine all that in a little box for you to enjoy at home and in your garden. Let’s bring back nature and wilderness into our gardens with Seed Box FOREST TREASURE to go, homes and gardens by sowing these small but amazing wild plants from our TAKE AWAY SEED BOX. Enrich your life with nature with forest treasure wild seed box. This box has wild seeds to go. It comes in a style container. The seeds are practical and beneficial. Each box features three germ protected sachets that include garlic, wild strawberries, and woodruff. In addition you get fully comprehensive leaflets for instructions, tips and even recopies once your plants flourish. The forest treasure box promotes a connection with nature. By using the container the forest treasure box highlights the contrast between being on the go and enjoying the slow process of nature. Wait and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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