Foodmarble Aire: Your Personal Digestive Tracker

Food intolerances can be highly debilitating and unpleasant, with the frequent complaints of bloating, pain, and gases on the daily basis. It becomes frustrating at times to not being able to identify the cause of your food intolerance.

FoodMarble Aire is a tiny, portable, breath test device that can solve your problem and determines your food intolerance. It works by analyzing hydrogen in your breath which is used by top hospitals today. The fermentation process breaks down the food in the large intestine and causes all the discomfort. This device helps in tracking your digestion activity throughout the day, especially after a meal and can detect which food may cause your problems.

Using FoodMarble Aire

A small, square device that contains the sensors and a battery is linked to the app on your phone using Bluetooth. You need to breathe, need not be forcefully, into its one end for five seconds, which can assess the condition of your stomach. FoodMarble Aire comes with the special sachets of powder such as lactose, sorbitol, fructose, and inulin which can be mixed with water to drink. This may detect your digestion problems clearly and makes dietary selection in future much easier.


  • Small but powerful
  • FoodMarble Aire helps to understand the root cause of food intolerance and eliminate the risk of living with uncertainty
  • The device is highly useful in building your own digestive profile. Over time, track and trend how your results change with different foods as well as other factors like sleep and stress
  • The device can have a life-changing impact on someone who suffers from any kind of food intolerance

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