Foodini: 3D Printer That Lets You Print Dishes in Your Kitchen

With the advancement of technology, our thinking process has got augmented to the next level to meet our creativity. This is the decade where humans are striving to blur the thin line of demarcation between virtual perception and reality. We have intertwined ourselves with the technology and virtual thinking that nothing is left to the imagination. Science and technology are striving hard to metamorphose the figment of our imagination into reality.

This article is about 3D printed food that is too hard to desist. It is simply as real as it can get. But before I talk about 3D printed food, what actually do we mean by 3D printed food. It is real food straight out of the printer. Amazed…zapped…well, so was I, when I heard of Foodini. Where all other printers print plastics, this printer prints real food. It is non-toxic, healthier and consumable. As it is prepared using food safe and clean machine you can eat your printed foods.

Foodini helps you to print food in a precise manner. Foodini food is real and fresh. Super easy to use. It is an intelligent appliance that prints any food with a high degree of accuracy. Very easy to operate and maintain. It transfers the data to create customized meals.

It is a revolution in the kitchen arena and worth a try. If you would like to try out for something new and innovative then go for Foodini. It is worth it.

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