Foil Surfboard -The power of Flight

Sun, sand and surfing a perfect vacation. Well, people love to surf but then there are some people who have no inkling of it. They are the people who lose out on all the fun. This article is about one such device created keeping in mind the people who love water and enjoy surfing.

eFoil is the latest and intriguing device that has come into the water sports world. You can ride your surfboard anytime regardless of weather conditions. The brainchild behind this is Nick Leason, he is an avid surfer and his love for surfing, resulting in him to come up with this unique, out of the league device eFoil. It is based on the same technology how the sailboats work. There is a motor that is attached to it at the end of the foil. This motor is silent and powerful and lets you cruise through the water effortlessly and with ease.

It is simple to ride. Stand on your board, lean or adjust your weight to maneuver. There is a wireless remote throttle to control the speed when the speed increases the board lifts out of water. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and even if you are cruising at a speed of 25 km/h it is noise-free.

Fly on the water surface, like never before. Experience the whole new aspect of surfing.

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