Terrafugia TF-X: The Flying Car Of The Future

Flying Car – the figment of our imagination or world of reality. We have watched flying cars from Harry Potter, zipping past the buildings or science fiction movies where the air is equally congested with flying vehicles as the roads, did we ever realize that with ever changing and ever evolving technology this flying car of future can be a thing of the present.

Whenever we see these science fiction movies like Transformers, where we see larger than life, plots, where the reality is construed in such a way that we also start envisaging about the same, then, what according to you can happen NEXT?? We start turning the wheels of fiction into reality and try to achieve something, that was once perceived as a figment of our imagination. And what do we get-TRANSFORMERS?

Yes, you heard me right. I am referring to Transformers, (no not the ones from Movie, Transformers) but these are the cars which can transform into Flying Car – and in today’s article I am discussing about one such Flying Car of future whose foundation has already been laid down, guidelines and events already been set and lo and behold, the transformer of gen next, the vehicle of the future, the ultimate future in transportation, is here – Terrafugia – TF-X, a fully autonomous flying vehicle.

Terrafugia flying car, it flies like a plane and also doubles up like a car. It is safer and faster than a car but easy to maneuver and convenient than a plane. It requires no runway as it takes off and lands in the vertical position. As you can program your destination, you just need to sit tight and relax, and Terrafugia flying car will do the rest for you…it is that easy. Four seater hybrid car, with 16 separate motors per pods for safety. The vehicle speed is 200MPH with the flight range of 500 miles. It can be viewed as a fundamental leap in the space of vehicle transformation and technology. An idea shaping into reality; welcome to the world of revolution, welcome to the world of flying cars. Terrafugia flying car, future car for the present.

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