Flobody – Portable Gym at your lap of your HOME

You like to be in shape, but not getting the time to do so? You have trouble with adjusting the office and personal time, that you are left with no time to hit the gym…pilling on a lot of weights, just sitting at one place. Exercise for a better heart and better health!!!

Flobody, equipment that would help you to reap the benefits of the gym without having to hit the gym. It is sleek and lightweight that you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime. Compact and portable. It is truly versatile and you can have fun and quick workouts without having to sacrifice on your space or time. It can be easily customized as per your exercise plan. You can have 100 different variations of the workout with Flobody. If there are more variations to work out when you feel motivated and challenged to do well. You can do your lower body workout, Pilate or upper body workout just on one Flobody.

It is a full-body workout gym. It comes with a standard yoga mat, handle locking system, a fitness bar, and stretching roller. 5 in 1 full body training device that would bring out the shape in you without having to hit the gym. It guarantees full body workout as you do at the gym. It comes with a resistance band that can be adjusted as per your need for the resistance. It packages all the accessories into one so that you don’t have any space issues. It is easy to store and carry.

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