Fitbit Versa 2 might get Google Assistant as well as Alexa

It’s news of the past that Google has taken over Fit bit, and introduced the Versa model soon after that.

The expected news is that Google may acquire Fitbit soon, and assuming they do so, Google is bound to shower their software into the Versa 2.

An addition beyond dreams:

Fitbit has been rolling out feature after feature in their models that were launched. With the current version of Versa 2, there were new and top features. And it was only recently that a feature capable of measuring oxygen levels in the blood was incorporated.

Now that’s a lot for a smartwatch to do. But the latest feature due to be incorporated is bound to prove a point and beyond. Yes, Alexa from Amazon is already there.  Google Assistant would now be integrated into the Fitbit versa2.

Two smart assistants in one Fitbit versa 2! Yes, there are benefits in both the intelligent Assistants being there.

Benefits of Amazon Alexa plus Google Assistant:

  • The user is at full liberty to choose between two smart assistants.
  • Spotify is supported by versa 2.
  • The option of using a hybrid app, which is Amazon Spotify or wants the Google integrated system, is now with the user since Fitbit versa two has become accustomed to Google assistant.


The Versa 2 has Amazon Alexa, but buttons need to be pressed or accessed in the menu to access her services.

With an inbuilt microphone, a hands-free command would do for the Google Assistant to surface. This is a massive advantage as you can do everything, including making notes and setting alarms without physically touching the watch.

Google plus Fitbit, Versa 2.  Would there be endless possibilities?

Let’s suppose the Google Assistant does find its way into the Versa 2. What could happen possibly after that?

One can be hopeful that Google would keep on introducing new features into the Smart watch.T here is a possibility of other Fitbit models on the horizon! Perhaps you could be having a model called “Wear OS’ just like another smartwatch called Suunto 7 has.

With two smart assistants on the Fitbit versa 2, anything is possible!

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