Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews: with Affordable GPS

Smartwatches may dominate the wearable’s world, but still, some companies are working towards making fitness tracker form factor. A fitness tracker is a Fitbit and very easy to use; that’s why it is a huge deal if the company launches a new Fitbit. Google-owned company launches Fitbit charges 4 with many features. It is best for sport man and athletes to track their fitness. The Fitbit Charge 4 is available under $200 and has a GPS to track. If you are searching for a fitness tracker device, which behaves like a smartwatch without heavyweight, then Fitbit charge 4 is perfect for you. If you are thinking about why you should buy Fitbit charge 4, then just read its reviews.


The design of Fitbit charge 4 will not look too attractive. Its design is the same as the design of last year. The Fitbit Charge 4 is made with a very small tracker module, which can connect to several straps. However, Fitbit charge 4 straps can easily work with charge 3 strap, so if you are thinking about upgrading devices, then you don’t need to re-buy accessories. This fitness tracker is available in two colors like rosewood and black, and every model comes with both size of strap-like small and large in the box.

Battery life:

The battery life of Fitbit charge 4 is essentially unchanged amongst generations. Its battery can last more than seven days with normal use and more than five hours with GPS use on a single charge.

Accurate health tracking:

Fitbit charge 4 is basically the most feature-packed fitness tracker that you can find nowadays. You don’t need to on GPS of your phone to get accurate pace, cadence metrics, and distance as well. This time, Fitbit adds approx seven GPS activities on the Fitbit charge 4 that include biking, running, hiking, walking, and other outdoor workouts as well. The heart rate sensor of charge 4 is the same as the previous year sensor. You will get a notification if the heart rate changes during a workout.

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