FINIS Neptune (Under Water MP3 Player)

Are you are a music lover? Do you carry your headphones when you go to the gym, or rehearsals or while traveling? But when you go underwater you need to disconnect yourself with your passion MUSIC…well not anymore.

FINIS Neptune is a first of its kind waterproof MP3 player that would work even underwater so that you can enjoy your dives or long swims.

Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player that uses a revolutionary Bone Conduction Audio transmission technology to transmit audio through cheekbones to the inner ear. Crystal quality sound even 10 ft under water. Hydrodynamic clips to secure itself to the goggle straps. Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that last for 8 hours. It has 4GB of data storage that means you can approximately store 1000 songs. Gold Plated connection pins would quickly upload the songs and also prevents it from corrosion in water. The high contrast OLED screen makes it easy to scroll through the list of artists or songs.

What you would get:-

1)Neptune MP3 Player

2) Charging Cable

3) Manual Guide along with warranty

4) Draw string Mesh Bag

If you would like to stay connected with music all the time then this is a nice device to gift yourself…ORDER NOW!!

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