Filters to protect your privacy

Over the years, we have seen and experienced privacy invasion in work places. When we are deeply engrossed in our day to day work activities, we observe some unusually inquisitive eyes watching over our laptop or PC. We feel insecure about the confidentiality and sensitive details of our work. Unfortunately, these things cannot be conveyed to anyone as in most of the cases, we have our close peers spying on our works. It may be considered rude and harsh, if we try to warn them against doing so. We have a better alternative to stop anybody from doing this spying. We are talking about filters that safeguard our laptops, systems and even our smart phones & tablets.

These filters are a product of 3M. When you are busy with your work or you are away from your system, these filers stop anybody from spying on them, by blacking out the side views. These filters are durable with ultra-thin and flexible design, protecting your screen from getting damaged.

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