Filegear, store 10,000 photos in a minute

Filegear is an intelligent device that brings back old memories locked away in your offline hard drives. It connects your smart phones too, so you always have your latest photos synced and ready to share. And all those files you forgot you had in DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon – well, they are synced as well, so no more rummaging around with different accounts and web apps to find your files. Filegear automatically sorts through and categorizes everything so that it’s easy to find. It’s also connected to the Internet, so no matter you’re at home or on the road, everything you own is always just a click away. When you turn on your camera, you expect to take photos instantly. Why should you have to wait hours to see your photos when you store them? Stop waiting for hours. Start enjoying now! Filegear sports a CPU that tops out at 1.84 GHz, and wired network speeds up to 1 Gbps. Don’t just take the specs for it, we’ve tested average file upload speeds to be over 300 Mbps. Filegear has a really fast processor and super fast networking so that everything that happens is fast. From turning it on, connecting to the device with Filegear apps, or connecting your hard drives. It can organize 10,000 photos in just 60 seconds. Super easy to setup. Just plug it in, and connect with apps iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or your favorite browser. Cloud drives offer convenience and the ability to share your memories. So no more spending time manually moving things from folder to folder, or laboriously tagging photos with where you’ve been or what you saw. Enjoy more now with Filegear.

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