FiFish V6: A mixture of underwater drone and ROV’s

FiFish V6 is the latest underwater drone. Though it is a drone, the functionality of it somewhat remains similar to remotely operated vehicles. So, it can be said that FiFish V6 is the mixture of underwater drones and remotely operated cars. After gaining popularity of FiFish P3, the company has declared the latest model of the product FiFish V6, where the number of thrusters is upgraded to six. Among them, the two of the rear thrusters are horizontal, Two of the verticals are horizontal, two of the middle thrusters are vertical. Next, the front two are placed in the 45-degree angle.

This product can go through a maximum depth of 100 meters, there are two numbers of LED spotlights present which creates an extra illumination underwater. It is able to eliminate 4000 lumens. The product is electronically stabilized and the video quality of the product is 4K/30fps whereas the camera quality is 12 megapixels. The real-time outputs will be visible to the application.

The battery capacity of the product is also excellent, the drone consists of a 000-mAh/97.2-Wh lithium battery, once it will be charged for one hour, it can be used for four hours.

In the underwater, the drone can be able to turn out in any direction. it can roll or tilt in any direction. Also, the product can be moved forward with a maximum speed of 3 knots. The speed of the product is 1.5m/sec or 4.9 ft/sec.

Radio signals cannot pass through underwater so you can pass through the water, so the product can be controlled using the joystick and the product can be tracked using the android application as well as the iOS application using the smartphone or the tablet.

By connecting the smartphones, you will be able to control the drone using an underwater drone and you will be able to track the product using the mobile application. The products are available online and the range of the product is very reasonable. The product is a reasonable one and a useful one for the sea lovers.


Product Link: Qysea

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