Features Of iPhone 12 Revealed Since Rogue iOS 14 Code Gets Makes It Way Through

Apple fans are eager for the release of the iPhone 12 range. iPhone 14 has set the stage since myriads of information ooze out. This information leak has a major impact on the rumor sites that keeps track of the authentic information. This iOS 14 code brings a lot of software features along with product-related services.

Leak is Creating a Huge Pandemonium

The code which got leaked still has no clarity and people have no idea about the build of iOS 14. This iOS 14 code can be at a nascent stage or at an advanced level. But what is the present state of the code? That is not known as of now.

Dive Into the Leaked Features of iOS 14

With only a few months left for the release of iOS 14, it is obvious that the advanced features will be added to the new build.

  1. First of all, as per the latest report, a new feature termed as ” PencilKit” might get Incorporated into iPhone 12. It helps the user to write on a pop-up that appears on the device. It moves over the UI using the Apple Pencil Stylus and texts which are handwritten are typed.
  2. There is good news for fitness freaks out there. iOS 14 will bring to you a whole new Apple Fitness App which has a direct connection with Apple’s own health application. As reported, the code name will be Seymour.
  3. It is going to launch an entire new iMessage feature for iOS 14. It is really boon for the users since they can retrieve and withdraw messages posted previously. If a message is retrieved, the receiver will get a popup which shows that the message is removed.
  4. Also, the news of a newly launched AR app termed as Cobi is set to make its appearance on iOS 14. The users will get a clear idea of the products in their vicinity. After the leak, it is revealed that Apple is carrying out the test with Starbucks, and very soon API will help the third party to make extensions of the Gobi in their inbuilt applications.
  5. The most intriguing feature which is going to set a benchmark is that Apple will come up with a widely built support for mouse users.
  6. Also, there will be a release of a new Apple TV remote alongside Apple made Tile Competitor Product.
  7. For those who are into the entertainment world, this release will provide an Apple Homepod having an additional option for Apple TV.

New iOS Version will Witness a SeaChange

Well, the features which will likely be introduced in the latest release of the iOS model. also, there are rumors about the latest 5G debut in the release. But till the release, you need to wait for the tweaks and twists. The story will soon unfold and so stay tuned for more updates. This rumor of the truth behind the code leaked news will soon be addressed.

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