Facebook starts letting developers monetize Instant Games on Messenger

Facebook has launched advertisements to monetize a new type of popular casual game, dubbed Instant Games, which people play on the Facebook Messenger feed. enabling developers to create games that are playable in a Messenger feed. The games are easy to play and accessible, and usually resemble older arcade experiences. Since the launch, billions of games have been played. This includes leaderboards and tournament support, visually engaging and customizable game messages and CTA buttons, along with the option to introduce meaningful re-engagement capabilities with game bots. Today, we’re kicking off the next phase of the Instant Games platform’s evolution by rolling out tests of interstitial and rewarded video ads with select game developers. Instant games will use demand from Facebook’s audience network to deliver ads in game and players can expect to see ads during gameplay sessions in apps such as Blackstorm’s Everwing and FRVR’s baskeball FRVT. Instant games is a closed beta platform for developer partners in Messenger for iOS, android and news feed.

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