How to regulate Facebook also called Cigarettes of today ?

Facebook changed the lives of millions of people across the globe in the last decade. Nobody can debate on the reason why it was created by the founder, Mark Zuckerberg but it has impacted the lives of millions in different ways: positively and negatively. Many experts and psychiatrists feel that facebook is affecting the lives of individuals adversely. Innocent teenagers and adults are being abused by some perpetrators. Many were exploited financially, mentally and physically.

Facebook too failed dismally by not safeguarding the sensitive data of its users in many countries. Serious security lapses were reported last year by US agencies and some other agencies of other nations. This has made a lot of ignorant and innocent users, direct victims of the criminals who are misusing the personal information of the users. Above all, millions of users got addicted to their FB accounts 24/7 sometimes leaving their lives to the wind. How do we handle this dangerous precedent?

Our research team at International Innovation figured out some ways to regulate this:

  • The usage of the FB accounts must not be free after the usage of the accounts on a day cross beyond the stipulated number of hours
  • Those who flood the internet traffic with unworthy information must be taxed heavily
  • Those who spread incorrect information or rumors about any individual or an agency must be punished by law
  • Those who use Facebook while driving or walking in public places must be fined
  • Employees of any organization must be severely reprimanded and banned from using facebook while in Office
  • Governments of various nations must take stringent action and impose some tough laws against the violation of the privacy of individuals who use facebook
  • Advertising agencies must be penalized if they flood the accounts with unwanted ads and track the browsing history of users
  • Parents must be educated and alerted to monitor the usage of facebook by their kids who are not adults

This trend of addicting to facebook or any other social media platform is not a healthy trend for anyone. There should be a limit on anything, eventually.

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