Eye Mask for a Blissful Sleep

Shakespeare rightly said “ Eyes are windows to your soul”. Eyes are a powerful medium of expression. We express our Joy, our anger, our discomfort, our disgust and our stress, everything through our eyes.  Yes, we express “STRESS” also through our eyes and they are the first perceptible organs to reflect how stressful we are.

You know when we are stressed out then the muscles around eyes get tightened causing twitching and soreness. There are a lot of things that cause stress – family tensions, work related issues, financial problems; which we are incapable of warding off. But one thing we can ward off is the stress getting reflected onto our eyes. You heard me right.

This wonderfully designed eye mask has activated charcoal which eases out tension and pressure around the eyes thus promoting blood circulation and relieves fatigue. It comes with micro fine charcoal powder that is infused into organic cotton at the back of your mask so that you can appreciate the natural properties of activated charcoal that would start working from the day you start wearing them.

If you want your eyes do the talking let it be a stress free talk. Gift your eyes the richness of activated charcoal and rejuvenate your eyes with Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask. Perfect gift for your eyes.

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