Everything you need to know about Kukrax Survival Axe tactical tomahawk

Are you looking for a perfect axe that will retain the curves of the wood? You can opt for the Kukrax survival axe, the design of the product is exclusive, and it is also unique for the modern-day tactical tomahawk, which efficiently cuts the timber.


The idea for the look of the axe was intended as the civilian version of the Kukrax Fighting Axe Pearson that was shown in 2018. The design of the product has also come from the historical weapons that were used in India and Nepal in the 19th century. The product is used primarily among the Gurkhas. The geometrical analysis of the design makes the product look like a kukri.


In the description of the product, it can be said that it is the blending of the old weapon as well as the modern tool. The length of the product is 40 centimeters or 15.75 inches. The product is made of carbon steel with black traction powder coating on the outside. Also, the edge of the blade is 15 centimeters long.

Reduces time

The mechanism behind the cutting procedure of the product has copied from a historical weapon. As a result, it is seen that the product is not so much time consuming than modern weapons. While using the axe, it reduces the time to cut down the timber and makes the procedure more comfortable than ever! If you are looking for an axe to cut the timber like a pro, you can choose the Kukri survival axe.

Pricing and availability

There are two variations present for the axe: the Kukrax Tak Axe, whose weight is around 800 gram, and the other is the Kukrax Pak Axe. The Kukrax Tak Axe also consists of a lighter version of 740 grams. Both of the products are available online, and the pricing of the product is very reasonable.


If you are a professional timber and looking for a product that can help you to decrease your time and effort, you can go for this latest axe. The style, design and the workability of the product amaze you for a long time.

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