EverDryStore to keep your documents safe

Once, while working on my important office documents, I mistakenly spilled water and ruined it. At that time I was very irritated and infuriated with myself as this seemingly one spill made me do the re-work, thus, taking my double effort and time. But at that time I pondered on why today my document succumbed to water, can’t there be any product which won’t let paper surrender to this unruly act of water. I mean why a paper should crumble in front of water. Ok let me not get melodramatic 🙂

A few days before, I chanced to see a product that uses nano-technology. It creates a barrier between the object and the liquid; now that liquid can be water, muddy water, juice, etc.

You really need to see it to believe it. No kind of liquid would stay on the object coated with this material. You can protect any material/object with this product. With features like anti-corrosion, anti-wetting, anti-icing, it will just increase the longevity of the product. I mean what else you can ask for. Stay dry always with EverDryStore.


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