Enjoy camping with the help of Tentsile’s hammock stand

What is a free-standing hammock?

Camping in a quiet place is fascinating. Whether it is a treeless backyard, a desert camping, or meadow camping, the scenic beauty of all the places is mind-blowing. But putting up a tent in this region is difficult due to the lack of trees nearby that will serve as anchors for fixing the tent. Freestanding hammocks have self-fixing mechanisms. They can stand anywhere without the presence of trees.

Why Tentsile’s hammock stand will give the best fixing mechanisms?

The Tentsile’s stand shapes like an equilateral triangle. It has pronged corners. These prongs are mechanized with pulley hardware and connectors. The joints have been engineered for tightening the straps and lifting the tent for long hours without the help of trees. The truss system consists of a series of aluminum tubes connected using steel nuts and bolts. Whether it is the scorching heat of the sun or windy evening, the Tentsile’s hammock will not overturn at any cost.

What are the features of Tentsile’s hammock stand?
  • Comfort and protection: The most relaxing sleeping position can be obtained with the help of Tentsile’s tent. The taut and tensioned base will give such comfort to the persons sleeping inside the tent. For cleaning the tent, hand washing is sufficient.
  • Capacity: 3 adults can easily fit inside the hammock making the camping look like a family adventure. The maximum permissible capacity of the hammock is 400 kg.
  • Anti-roll straps: For multi-person camping, anti-roll straps are very beneficial. Due to the provision of the sleeping bays, there is no rolling of the sleeping person towards the middle of the tent. This may disturb the sleep of the others. Hence this kind of reinforcement is very advantageous.
  • No level-ground required: With the help of three anchoring points at the bottom, the hammock stands. Hence there is no requirement of the level ground surface. It also protects the person from sitting on a rocky, uneven, or damp ground surface. The person can feel relaxed to sit on it.

Conclusion: Freestanding hammock will help solo travelers and tourists to camp in a lonely but beautiful place. They do not cost much and prove a very handy tool for camp lovers. They are tough and resistant to corrosion. The stands are adapted to withstand any kind of climatic condition perfectly.

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