EndlessID – The Most Innovative NFC Wearables Ever!

As we store more and more personal information in smartphones, there is an ever-growing need to keep this data private and protected. EndlessID (EID), a suite based on patent-pending security and privacy features, has created a line of products and features that can help protect all kinds of data stored on mobile devices. Perhaps the most notable product of the line is the sleek and water-resistant wristband. It contains four NFC chips, allowing users endless configuration options, as well as blocking apps -so people who borrow mobile devices can do so without compromising their information. Another feature of the wristband is a V-Card that makes it possible to transfer electronic business cards to another device with just one simple tap. No pre-installation of the application is necessary for the receiving party. The suite offers a line of products with the same technology and functionality as the wristband incorporated into other accessories. The EID device has also been built into other accessories such as a personalized buckle, stickers, a keychain, a USB reader/writer, and a card. These alternate styles provide convenience and quick accessibility for the user because they can be easily attached to keys or wallets.

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