Ellie Sterilizer for new born babies

Ellie Sterilizer

You have become proud parents, got it… but do you know how many responsibilities come with being a parent. Along with baby’s need you must also look into baby’s hygiene. The moment you welcome a baby into your life your life should be germ free…J Well, I can’t comment on the life but surely I can comment on baby’s products. We need to ensure proper cleaning and sterilization of baby’s items for your toddler  to be healthy and fine. But sometimes, when we have to sterilize the bottles, many times we might miss on the proper way and instructions that need to be followed while sterilizing.

Ellie is 60 seconds solution to the problem. We don’t have to go through the torturous process of sterilizing baby’s utensils. It uses UV LED technology that would give you germ free product. Just 60 seconds is all it takes to free your baby’s items from all kinds of chemical and antibiotic resistant microbes. Perfect product for the kids who are vulnerable to germs due to their low immune system.  Ellie spreads love not germs.


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