Ecosia – The Search Engine with a Difference

Ecosia – Search Engine with a Difference

How many of us think about our planet…EARTH ??

I Do…and the moment, I heard about this unique search engine which gives 80% of its profit in good cause…Tree Plantation…I thought to myself, still there are companies who care for our planet…Isn’t it a good move??

So, I too thought, why not write an article on Ecosia and do my bit of informing people, about this unique search engine, whose motive is to save Mother Nature.

We are so busy in evolving ourselves, in the field of technology, medicine and every other segment of life that one aspect we have neglected to such an extent that many species of trees have vanished from planet Earth. We are eradicating trees to build houses, factories and other materialistic things which would ultimately cause pollution and lead to eradication of human species. But, some companies still feel care our planet deeply and like to make a difference. And as human beings our approach would be to use this search engine and make that small change which would eventually bring a vast difference in how we would like to see our future generation.

Ecosia- What is it?

It is a search engine which was launched on December 7th, 2009 and is based in Berlin, Germany. It is owned by Microsoft. When you are using Ecosia, you are using the BING search engine. So, we can say that Ecosia is a tree planting search engine. Ecosia right now is doing projects in the following countries: Tanzania, Morocco, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Brazil.

How does it work?

The business model is similar to that of Google. Only thing is that it donates 80% of the profit from ads to the plantation of trees where the Earth needs the most. So, while you are searching the web, you generate revenues and Ecosia uses these revenues to plant trees. They are very transparent. They publish their financial reports monthly and also tree planting receipts.

How safe is your data?

Well, if we go as per their words, they respect our privacy and won’t sell our information to any third party vendors. They would dissolve your searches in one week, keeping your searches private.

So, I have become Ecosia user. I have done my bit, when will you do yours?

If You Want Change Then Be The Change



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