E-cycle the E-waste to benefit the environment

Discarded electronics and electronic components, called e-waste, are creating a serious problem because of toxic elements involved in their manufacture. E-cycle or electronics recycling is the practice of reusing or recycling them.

Electronics contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead and may even contain radioactive substances. With e-cycle, these chemicals can be properly disposed of and prevented from contaminating the environment. Metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum can also be extracted and saved through e-cycle.

Waste Management, a US-based company leads a program called “Recycle By mail” and makes it easy for people to recycle many household items and keep harmful materials, like mercury, out of the environment. People just need to enter their area code in the website and select the list of products they want to send for recycling. Then they will receive a kit with box and shipping labels from the company which needs to be filled with the e-waste and sent back. People also receive a Recycling Certificate which certifies that they have helped the environment.

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