DuckDuckGo vs Google

Whatever you would like to inquire, everything is there on the Internet. These search engines are a general class of programs that are used to facilitate the retrieval of data from the vast ocean of information lying there on the Internet.

The most widely used search engines are Google and Bing, but many more search engines are slowly picking up the pace and giving a tough competition to Google. One such search engine is DDG or DuckDuckGo. Now, the very next question that might have crossed your mind is what is so unique about DDG, that a loyal Google User will ditch their loyalty for a new one.

Well, DuckDuckGo main slogan is “Search Engine that doesn’t track you”

Unlike, Google, where your searches are tracked, mined and linked to your profile, DDG doesn’t store your personal information, they don’t follow you around with ads, they don’t store your cookies, they don’t store any information about you thus keeping it simple and effectively delivering the results for your searches.

Why DDG?

  1. Doesn’t track your activity or keep the record on your usage
  2. It is ads-free
  3. It allows private browsing
  4. DDG doesn’t track your IP address, this is very secure
  5. A lot of features embedded in DDG like “Bang”. Bangs are shortcuts for quick navigation to your search results that are displayed on another website.
  6. It can be used to generate a strong password
  7. It can be used as a link expander

So, if your privacy matters to you then DDG is a very good option and a search engine you shouldn’t miss.


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