Dreamworld launching Dreamglass 4k with AR experience

The dream world is introducing a dream glass 4k  reality glasses. It can give you the real experience with 4k resolution as well as 5g connectivity. As a result, it is going to be the perfect partner of your home entertainment. The article describes more than one features for the Dreamglass 4K as well as the specification of the product.

Viewing experience

The most interactive feature of the Dream glass is it provides 4K resolution experience. Besides that, it also gives some unique features, which is it consists of a 90-degree field view as well as it can be able to generate a 200-inch screen in front of the eyes. You can be able to project anything on it, from the desktop to a movie or a game.

Device Connection

Dreamglass 4K can connect more than one number of devices like the phones, consoles, laptops with the help of the HDMI or the USB type C. Besides the iPhone, any of the smartphones can be connected with the phone. It will work as an AR display so that you can play the game even if someone is watching TV. The headset consists of a 3.5 mm headphone socket also.


The weight of the product is so lightweight. The importance of the product is around 185 gram, and it is compatible with your regular glasses also. You will be able to use the dream glass by giving the phone on charge once. You will also be able to get enough time so that you can watch two movies at a time. It will also work as a plug and play system so that you can be able to get a non-stop experience. In case you are also searching for a device for unlimited projection, you can opt for the device.

Price and availability

The price of the product is not so high. The price is very pocket friendly. Also, the product will be available in the market from August.

Hopefully, the product will make you happy and will make your indoor experience even better. The products will start shipping from September also.

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