Does Milk cause Osteoporosis ?

The internet has lots of research articles of recent times that suggest that Milk can cause acidity in the body and to remove it – calcium from Bones is utilized – thereby making our bones hollow. On the other hand, all previous theories have suggested that we should drink milk regularly.

Which of these theories is correct ?

I found an explanation when I came across the theories from Ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine system. Ayurveda explains that if your body gets “Vaat Roga”, or disease of excessive air, milk cannot be digested and any milk leads to acidity. The second symptom of Vaat Roga is Arthritis. This makes it clear, that people suffering from “Vaat Roga” are the ones who should avoid milk while getting treatment.

If somebody is suffering from symptoms like joint pain, he should check other symtoms of Vaat Roga and get treatment accordingly. During treatment, he should avoid milk.

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