Dishwasher with 2 drawers

When by a single touch of a button we are getting our works done, why should our household work be an exception?  For clothes we invented washing machines, similarly, for dishes, we invented dishwashers. So, you might be thinking, it’s long invented so why this article on the dish-washing product now.

I mean it’s been in use since ages, so why are we reading an article on dish-washing, how is it better or more precisely unique. Well, this product from Fisher and Paykel comes with two sections. How many times have you thrown a party? Many, so what happens after the party gets over. You struggle with dishes. Right..…BINGO!!  I mean your fine glass cutlery and your heavily soiled pots you can’t manage at one shot. The task in itself becomes challenging and tedious.

But with this product, you can manage both in separate chambers. Both chambers would work separately and would cater to independent wash programs. Now, you might be wondering what if my dishwasher is not full? Worry not, this dishwasher would accommodate half loads for the guilt-free short wash cycle.  Every family residing in the US has a dishwasher, no doubt, now we just need to go for the change. A revolutionary change, that would enable every citizen of US to throw parties at breakneck speed. Go for it.

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