Digital Light Technology: Connect Through Your Headlight

This article is dedicated to – “HEADLIGHT”.

Now the first thing, which must have crossed your mind, why on earth headlights? I mean, they have been there, in existence since ages, since the time of cycles and cars. Illuminating our paths, how more can it be captivating or enchanting for an article per se. But hey, as I always say, this portal is all about, peculiar and never heard of articles, so this article also is no different.

Welcome to the world of well known, distinguished, class of CARS. Welcome to the world of “Mercedes-Benz”. When I talk of Mercedes, the mere mentioning of this Brand exudes Class and excellence in the world of Cars. It embodies technology at its best.

So, when we talk of revolution in the field of headlights, and that too, developed by Mercedes Benz, then it adds a whole new dimension in the field of illumination. It creates a spectrum of light definition. These futuristic headlights, literally communicate with the onlookers by projecting text messages on road. Thus, making it come alive.

Its digital light technology regulates the level of brightness, thus would focus on the vehicle or on road without focusing on the rear or front windscreen. Also, it won’t dazzle the pedestrians by focusing on their face but would notify you of the pedestrian. You can drive safely at night time, by letting these partial high beams SWITCHED ON, till your journey to the destination is reached. It won’t cause any inconvenience to the other vehicles.

This revolutionary headlamp also houses a dipped beam feature, which has four LEDs. A camera is fitted to the windscreen which captures the road ahead and it passes on the information to the LEDs used in Dipped Beam module, thus providing the best possible illumination beforehand. Thus helping the driver to get a better view of the road ahead is ideal.

This technology can process all the road related signals and warnings and equips the driver with the same set of information that it processes, empowering him to drive safely. It would flash arrow signal if it detects pedestrians.

This digital light technology for time being would be a part of Maybach S Class, but once launched this headlight would be the heartthrob of the world.

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