Diabetes vs type of Food

A type 2 diabetes which is the most common type of diabetes is a condition where the body’s cells cannot utilize the sugar generated by different foods.

Or in other words, the insulin is either not sufficient or not utilized by the cells.

Almost all the patients are given the same type of treatment.

However, the insulin and body cell reaction is not the same for all foods and all patients.

For example, for some patients – Eating Fruits can give high glucose levels in blood but other patients it does not.

For some patients, drinking sugary drinks like Coke and eating Wheat give the same blood sugar levels, whereas for other patients – these have different results.

It is surprising that so far a treatment tailored to individual patient’s body’s reaction to different foods is not yet prescribed by Doctors for Diabetes.

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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